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About Us

The Private Limited Liability Company UAB “Kauno autobusai” is an integral part of Kaunas city, which is necessary to and is highly evaluated by the users of public transport and other customers enjoying services provided by the company.

This passenger transportation company was established on 08 February 1934 and is carrying out its activities for already more than 78 years. Currently the company has over 477 employees. 139 buses drive in Kaunas city and its suburbs every working day maintaining 32 different routes, the total length which equals to 1090,343 kilometres. Every day 139 buses drive over 30,6 thousand kilometres.

The longest route maintained by the company buses is route No. 3 “The 2nd Clinical Hospital – Oncology Hospital”, which is almost 59 kilometres long. It takes about 3 hours to drive one lap of this route. The shortest route is route No. 11 “The 2nd Clinical Hospital – S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno St.”, the distance of one lap is 16.2 km. It takes only less than an hour to drive it.

The “Solaris” buses, which were purchased in 2004, constitute the majority of all buses the company is exploiting – in total 55 vehicles, the average age of which comes to around 8 years. The company has purchased the aforementioned buses by utilizing the loan provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. On 19 December 2008, the company has officially removed the “Ikarus” buses, which have served the company since 1975. 94 million kilometres were driven and 330 million passengers transported by these buses in Kaunas city since 1992.

The company’s personnel are glad to serve so many people every day. The company’s long experience suggests that even when difficult circumstances arise in the country, the demand of passenger transport in Kaunas city remains. The company at the moment transports over 108 thousand passengers every day.

Notwithstanding the main activities of the Private Limited Liability Company “Kauno autobusai”, i.e. transportation of passengers by the city shuttles, it
also provides the following services:

  • rental of advertising space on and in the buses,
  • rental of minibuses,
  • towing of broken-down buses and trucks,
  • rental of the company’s territory for guarding of minibuses, buses and trucks.

UAB “Kauno autobusai” activities involve Management, Administration, Technical, Transport Exploitation services. The company is a member of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association “Linava”. It also maintains a close business relationship with related companies both domestically and abroad.

In 2004, the company was the first one in the country to have signed a passengers’ transportation services contract (corresponding with the EU regulation) with its contract giver (the city municipality), which has significantly improved the conditions of the company’s activities.

In 2007, the mark of Kaunas public transport was implemented, whereas since 1 August 2007, a common ticket, which is a great innovation in transport, i.e. a new electronic ticket, was introduced in Kaunas city public transport.

All these measures have provided opportunities for the company to take its place among the leading passenger transport companies of the country.